Our Pedagogy

Our Pedagogy

Our Pedagogy has been uniquely created to give our children the best start in life. It is built upon 7 pillars of learning environments, that all entwine with each other to provide an exciting platform to learning.

Child led learning – we closely monitor the child’s interests and development, to enhance their learning outcomes.

Mosaic approach to listening to children – This supports us in creating the best environment possible.

Outdoor learning – our children will be encouraged to go outside, come rain, shine, hail or snow.

Wider community – We celebrate all festivals and celebrations, it is important for children to learn about our world as a whole.We will embrace recycling and building our own resources, with working tools. We grow our own fruit and vegetables, the children grow, cut and cook our own food.

School readiness – Our children will join the next phase in their life confident and ready to learn, they will understand that failure should not be feared. We promote show and tell to support the children with having the confidence to attempt any task.

Home learning – Children learn best when parents and preschools join together, We will send learning projects home, for our families to share and enjoy.

Healthy start, healthy life– We promote a healthy lifestyle to our children and families. This will be from the food we grow and eat and providing physical activities as a regular part of our day.


The founders of Mother Hen Nursery believe children come first.
We pride ourselves in having a high quality team who are dedicated, committed and work together to provide a warm and welcoming environment.

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